7K to Half Marathon: 110-Day Journey to Prove Myself

Based on the amount of smoke and drinks I intake regularly; my friends don’t believe in me completing a Half Marathon.

About a month ago, I signed up for 7K and completed it in 55 minutes. 

I struggled a lot to finish the last 6Ks as I was gasping for breath in the 1st KM itself. 

I had a friend of mine accompany me during the entire run and he motivated me for every single step I took to get to the finish line.

I ran, I walked, I jogged and I completed it.

Although I thought of quitting a lot during the run and after the completion, I thought of running even more on a daily basis.

I always wake up early and plan to go for a quick run, but always come up with excuses and don’t end up actually going for a run.

Now, as I am writing this I have registered for the Kathmandu Half Marathon.

Since I had to book my place cheaply because of the Early Bird Registration, I also insisted some of my friends to join. 

Few of my friends suggested that I can’t make it. But based on the confidence I have right now, I believe I can. (I also had the same confidence before the start of 7K too.)

I talked with a colleague of mine who regularly runs and has also completed a Half Marathon 2 months ago. I asked him for tips regarding my pace.

I told him I plan to complete it in Sub 2 hours.

He suggested I train based on the distances.

Start with 5K, from 5K to 8K, to 10K, then 13K, to 15, then 18K and finally for the BIG NUMBER 21K!

He also told me to work on my pace which should be 5 minutes per KM. 

But, I am thinking since I don’t know the exact number by myself, I will run the 5K first thing tomorrow, and record my pace for future reference. 

I still believe that I can do it and prove my friends wrong. But, most of all, I want to do it for myself.

The run I am targeting for is on 28th September 2024. I have 110 days with me to train for it!

Let’s see how it goes!