An Inspector Calls – Review

Inspector Ateez shows up at the home of the Malla family unannounced. The family was celebrating their daughter Sheila’s engagement to Shishir Rana, a match that would bring together two powerful families and businesses. Inspector informs the family of his business regarding a young girl named Muna Thapa who just died. It turns out that each member of the family has met Muna, and each has done something bad for her life.

An Inspector Calls is a play by John Boynton Priestley OM that is being put on at the Purano Ghar Theater in Sinamangal. Rajkamal Fakir is in charge of directing, adapting, and designing the play. Avash Adhikari, Bijay Tamrakar, Sarada Adhikari, Shishir Siwakoti, Sarita Bhujel, Sadin Luitel, and Monika Thapa can be seen on the stage during the play.

The most interesting thing about this play was how the actors put it on—how they talked to each other and to the audience. They were acting, but it was clear that they also knew what they were doing. I felt like I was there with them, seeing their struggle and feeling their emotions along with my own.

The design of the set as a whole seemed rich because it seemed to fit with the wealthy style of the Malla family. Everything was set up in a way that made it look more real than if it had been done differently.

The adaptation was great because nothing had to be changed. Everything stayed true to its original form, but Nepalese audiences who hadn’t heard of this play before seeing it on screen or reading about its history as an older work that’s still relevant today could still understand it.

I also liked how the play started. It didn’t go right to the party, but instead talked about the businesses and gave us some background on how the family talks to each other and what kind of people they are.

Lastly, the play was a good mystery thriller. During the Inspector’s interrogation, he finds clues that help him figure out what’s going on, and the characters help him see the bigger picture.

A wonderful play, to say the least!

Event Details

WhenKartik 16 to Mangsir 12
Time5:30 PM Everyday (Saturday, 1:30 PM)
VenuePurano Ghar Theatre, Sinamangal
Contact01-4596443, 9860078007
Jaidip Subedi