Benefits of Audio Advertising

In the past few years, both the amount and length of time people listen to digital audio has grown a lot. For advertisers, the audio universe is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reach a very specific audience. It has a lot of good points.

Close and personal medium

The most personal and intimate way to interact with a medium has always been to listen to it, whether it’s music, a debate, or a story. Since so many people use headphones, this closeness is only made stronger. Because technology has improved the quality and comfort of listening, the immersive experience naturally makes people more interested in and responsive to the content.

Abundance of sound

Digital audio is everywhere and all the time now, just like radio used to be. Digital audio can be played on many devices (speakers, cars, smartphones) while people are doing other things (driving, working, sports). Audio is different from social media in that it can be listened to even when there is no connection (offline) or when there is no screen to view it on.

Different types and formats

Digital audio is more than just streaming music or listening to web radio. There are many digital audio formats and, therefore, many ways to target them. Here are some examples: the rise of people who listen to podcasts, play pure play, or play video games (especially on mobile devices).

Wide variety of editors

Just as there are a lot of different kinds of digital audio users, there are also a lot of different kinds of content publishers. Besides radio and video (where audio ads are becoming more popular), podcasts, video games, and even loudspeaker manufacturers have space for brands.

Ad block proof

Audio advertising is one of the last forms of advertising that can’t be blocked, unlike when you browse the web. The listener has to make a choice between the content they want to hear and the ads that are relevant to them (location, demographics, time of day, history).

Accurate targeting

Because FM, AM, and DAB+ listeners have always been anonymous, they have never been able to get the user data that is available today. Digital audio lets you talk to the right people at the right time, based on their age, gender, location, hobbies, the weather, and other things.

Accurate measuring tools

Without real ways to measure, the targeting options that have never been seen before would be useless. Digital audio is the only way to distribute content that can be measured directly, thanks to dashboards that show reports and campaign results in real time, using brands’ and advertisers’ commercial technology.

Guarantee of brand safety

The marketing of advertising messages in digital audio is clear, both in terms of traffic and where they are put. This is especially true thanks to tools that make it easy to control and manage space.

Innovative Channel

Today, brands can reach an audience that is getting more and more connected by being in their preferred digital audio environment(s), which are all growing quickly. Personalizing and contextualizing messages, which means that you can make different versions of audio messages that are tailored to the listener, makes it easier to build a relationship with them.

Selling directly or through a program

Digital audio makes inventory more accessible than ever before. It can be sold directly or through a program. The benefit of programmatic audio is that it lets advertisers reach a specific audience using the same targeting criteria as traditional online campaigns.

Jaidip Subedi

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