Does LinkedIn help in Digital Marketing?

LinkedIn is without a doubt one of the largest professional social networking sites. It has about 900 million users. Because of this, digital marketers have been trying to figure out how to use the site as a business tool ever since it came out.

If you care a lot about your business and career, you should think about digital marketing on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good business marketing tool that you should include in your digital marketing plan.

In this article, we’ll look at 7 tried-and-true ways that professionals get leads from LinkedIn and grow their businesses as a result.

Personal Profile Optimization

Build your profile and use keywords to make it search engine friendly to get traffic and leads from LinkedIn. Be yourself, and don’t use too many keywords or get too crazy with this. A good place to start is by putting relevant keywords in your headline, summary, and description.

You want your personal profile to look professional and sound trustworthy, so you probably shouldn’t include a business logo. People who look at your profile often want to learn more about you, not your business. So make sure that your profile is complete and that you fill in all the fields.

Also, you should claim your name-based custom LinkedIn URL. This is very important, especially if you want to be found on search engines.

Publish Useable Content

Once your profile is finished and set up the way you want it, it’s time to start sharing content. Content marketing is important on every social network, including LinkedIn. If you want to use LinkedIn to market your business, you need to change the way you post.

First of all, people who only use LinkedIn to promote themselves as their business usually don’t get very far. People aren’t on the stage to listen to you.

Share content that has value and can be used, such as statistics, how-tos, insights, or stories.

Putting up useful content every day can help you connect with and reach more people. Use the different types of posts that LinkedIn gives you. You can share articles, videos, or even pictures. If you’re going to write articles, make sure they have interesting titles, catchy pictures, and useful information. So, when people read your articles, they are more likely to be interested and want to know more from you.

But, as was said above, don’t be afraid to mix things up and tell stories or anecdotes.

It’s important that people on LinkedIn can connect with you as a person and get to know the real you.

LinkedIn Ads

Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand or get more leads, figuring out your goal should be the first step in creating and tailoring your campaign.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use LinkedIn ads to spread the word about your brand, bring people to your website, and get leads. Campaign Manager is LinkedIn’s advertising platform, which lets you run advertising campaigns.

Posting Consistently

One of the most important rules of digital marketing on this platform (or any platform, really) is to share often and consistently. Businesses that post often on LinkedIn get more followers than businesses that don’t. When you share content often, your followers are more likely to interact with it, which can help you rank higher in search results.

It’s also thought that the LinkedIn algorithm helps users who post consistently good content to reach more people.

Update your page often so that your business looks active and up-to-date. Most of the time, companies with more page followers get more page views than those with fewer page followers. At least once a week is a good start, but the more you can post, the better.

Creating LinkedIn Page

Pages are free for everyone to use and give you a place to post content. Prospects can use a page to find out more about your company and the people who work there. So asking employees to update their profiles makes sense.

Get as many of your employees as possible to join LinkedIn and to fill out their profiles. These should include things like their professional connections, how they’re helping your company, and their relevant work history.

For your digital marketing to work well, your LinkedIn page should have the same style, colors, and images as your other social networks and website. You should upload a high-resolution company logo and a cover image that fits with your brand. Fill out the “About” section so that people can find out more about you.

A well-optimized business page can help people who are looking for what you offer find your business. Putting a link from your company page to your website is a great way to help your search engine ranking.

You should also think about using keywords and phrases that people might use to find your product or service. The “About” tab is a good place to put them.

LinkedIn Community Features

In addition to your company page and personal profile, LinkedIn has a number of community features that you can use to talk to other users or work with them. Taking part in discussions in a number of LinkedIn groups can help you get more people to listen to you.

You can stay in touch with other LinkedIn users who have similar ideas to yours by joining groups. You can join a group community based on your area of expertise or start your own. The point of taking part in group discussions is to show that you are an expert on a certain subject.

By contributing to discussion groups in a useful way, readers will think of your company as one that knows how to solve certain problems. Most marketers think of LinkedIn groups as one of the best places to find new leads.

You can interact with the content of many influencers by leaving comments on their posts or putting them in your LinkedIn status updates.

Growing LinkedIn Network

Adding new people to your network is a good way to get more opportunities and other benefits. LinkedIn gives people the chance to connect with new people.

The best thing about LinkedIn as a platform is that you can literally build a hand-crafted connection-base of your ideal customer.

You can only have 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. But if you have more than that number, other members can still follow you. So, in a nutshell, that means you might be able to reach up to 30,000 of your ideal customers in one place.

It’s a good idea to connect with your professional contacts who are already on LinkedIn, but if you want to grow your network, you might also want to connect with people you don’t know. This will not only add to the number of people you know on LinkedIn, but it will also let you meet new people.

Try Digital Marketing on LinkedIn

These are tried-and-true ways to start using LinkedIn for digital marketing. Connect with me today if you want more information and want to start marketing on LinkedIn.

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