Early Morning Struggles: Journey Towards a 5K Run

Alright, this is harder than I thought it would be.

I woke up at 4:30 AM feeling light and freshened up quickly, dressed up and left home at sharp 5 AM.

I had planned to run 5K as I said yesterday but after I reached my running area at around 5:06 AM I started sprinting.

I felt really good in the first 50 meters and started increasing my pace. I glanced at my pace and it was 5:37 min /km, I felt like I was doing it right since this is the pace I am targeting for.

I ran for a good 400 meters and as the last time, I began struggling.

The reason might be my pace too. I walked for a while and started running again. This time I could only do 300 meters.

This continued till 1.5K. 

I reached around Machha House, where I freelance sometimes and was jogging around there. There a dog saw me and started coming after me.

My first instinct was to cool off and just stand there so it goes away, but I thought this could be the time and started running my ass off.

I ran for around 600 meters this time and stopped. 

My heart beat was too fast and my legs were starting to hurt too.

I planned for 5K but when I checked I had only run for 2.3K. 

I returned home jogging for a while and ended my run at 2.56K.

Run Details and Statistics

Pace during 2.56K Run

  • KM 1 – 6:26 /km
  • KM 2 – 8:12 /km
  • KM 0.56 – 8:52 /km

Moving Time and Average Pace

  • Moving Time – 19:37 Minutes
  • Average Pace – 7:39 /km

I thought I would be able to run 5K but I was wrong. Still I feel confident with what I achieved. I set a target too good to be true.

Target for 12th June

Tomorrow, June 12th, I plan to run a 3K and finish it in under 19 minutes.ย 

Strava Activity

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