Lesson of the Day: Always Poop Before You Run!

Poop before you run.

That’s all I want to say today!

I woke up even before the alarm (3:30 AM) today. There were mosquitoes all around troubling me. 

I freshened up at 4 AM and started dressing up for the run. 

I had already planned for the 3K in under 19 minutes, that’s all I had in the mind.

I laced up and took off at 4:28 AM. I was on the same route as yesterday but I thought if I just ran around in a loop, it would be easier for me.

I picked a place and started running. It felt easier today, I easily crossed 1K and still felt easy enough to do the latter 2. 

When I reached the 2K mark, I had to poop.

The run started to feel uneasy. It was getting difficult with every step I took. 

I had to rush back home and end the run at just 2.51K. 

It still felt good to know that I was about 2 minutes faster today, compared to the run I did yesterday

Run Details and Statistics

Pace during 2.51K Run

  • KM 1 – 6:58 /km
  • KM 2 – 7:12 /km
  • KM 0.51 – 5:49 /km

Moving Time and Average Pace

  • Moving Time – 17:308 Minutes
  • Average Pace – 6:49 /km

I thought I would be able to run 5K but I was wrong. Still I feel confident with what I achieved. I set a target too good to be true.

I would’ve completed the 3K today if it wasn’t for the POOP! 💩

Target for 13th June

Tomorrow, June 13th, I plan to run a 3K and finish it in under 19 minutes. The same as yesterday’s!

Strava Activity

Training Plan

Today, I also thought that I was running without any proper training plan. So, I will be following Runner’s Word Half-Marathon Training Plan from now on.